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OH-RING Retractable Roller Ball

Арт. P2LL01RB

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OH-RING Retractable Roller Ball

Larry Laske

Pens may have a rubber area located near the pen tip, for gripping/comfort. but it is generally fixed. I wanted to create an adjustable area, where the user can adjust the gripping/comfort area, as they desire, and also change it just as quickly. The o-rings not only provide the adjustability, but also a slightly whimsical, game like relief for restlessness, nervousness or impatience. At first it may look like a textured rubber sleeve, but then the discovery is in the fact that the rubber area is comprised of several o-rings, which are adjustable to numerous configuration, satisfying each individual users grip and comfort, as each user has a very personal way to grip a pen. I wanted to create a serious looking pen, while adding a discovery, which is where the name Oh-Ring came in to play.

I like the hard and soft quality: hard representing a precision instrument, and the soft representing the organic, the user interaction. No matter how technical an object may be, it needs a friendly, inviting human interface. Larry Laske

The pen is presented in a custom black box and covered with a frosted plastic sleeve.

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